Frequently Asked Questions

Will I drop my bike?

Yes, it’s possible. The course was designed so that the average rider with 3,000 miles of riding experience should be able to complete the course without dropping their bike. It’s been our experience that one out of ten riders will have a tip over. If you have crash bars, tape them up with some heater hose and the bike won’t be damaged. If you don’t have crash bars and you tip the bike over, chances are very good that you will have cosmetic damage.

Can a person fail this course?

No. There is no pass or fail. Nine out of ten riders at the end of four hours can complete every exercise without error. The tenth rider may knock over a cone or two, but can still get through the course.

If I have 3,000 miles of riding experience am I guaranteed to make it through all the exercises?

No. Occasionally, we get riders whose basic rider skills are so poor that we have to stop them from finishing the exercises since they may hurt themselves or other riders. This type of rider, we advise them to go back and take the beginner rider course, their money is refunded. We usually know that they are a danger to themselves and other riders by the second exercise.

What can you really teach me in four hours?

Most of the time, we can improve our student’s skills by at least 100% in four hours. Since this course is intense, we’ve found that going more than four hours over-trains the students and they start making mistakes they hadn’t made earlier.

Our job is to give the student the tools and show them how to use the techniques to their fullest. If after the course you continue to use the techniques you’re taught, in a very short time, you’ll be riding like a professional motor officer. These are perishable skills, if you don’t use them, you lose them.

Ride Safe… Ride Like a Pro Team