JD, I can’t begin to express my how much your training helped me. I have ridden thousands of miles across the country, thinking how good a rider I was. Your training was such an eye opener for me. In reality I had no clue how to handle my bike at low speeds without duck walking. Your training has taken the fear of handling big bikes in tight spaces and made riding much more fun. Your method of instruction and patience made what was a challenging and demanding day, a fun and enjoyable experience. No matter if we completed the exercise or not, your comments were always positive and never negative. That is the traits of an outstanding instructor. Larry Holder Walkertown, NC

Dear Joey, I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “My first ride with my wife after returning from the RLAP course in Greensboro, North Carolina was amazing. Not because of the ride itself, as we just took a normal ride to places we had been many times before. The amazing thing happened when we made our first stop of the day for some water and to stretch some. The amazing thing was what she said to me. She had a huge smile as she placed her helmet on the seat of our Harley Ultra. “You have always been a rock solid rider”, she began. ” But you have never been so solid on the bike as you are today, your turns are crisp and clean, the line you take is perfect into turns”. To say i was stunned would be a complete understatement. She is not easily impressed, by anything.. She continued with things like how stable the stops were and a tight turn out of a gas station was text book.. I can not remember word for word. But thats close enough. I told her that she should thank J.D. Redmond.. For it was JD who was personally responsible for the improvement and the improvement of the technical aspects of motorcycle handling specifically.. That ride took place the same day i returned from Greensboro. Which was the day after the class as i had to ride back to Greenville, South Carolina. I had not had a single moment to put in to a practice session any of the excercises that JD had demonstrated. The excercises that JD had impressed on us to continue to work on until those things become second nature. I had improved to the point i had earned the praise of my wife.. and this is a girl who knows bikes and riding.. I took the June 19, 2010 class. I am going back to take the September 11 class. But this time with several members of my HARLEY OWNERS GROIUP members.. I have practiced the techniques as JD asked us to do.. Now im ready to do it again, its like a good movie..you always pick up something you miss the first time.. JD Redmond is a fine instructor, a REAL MOTOR OFFICER who knows his business. I plan on going back as many times as possible. Thanks JD

Michael Steurer Greenville, South Carolina”

I have driven a Motorcycle on & off for 40 years, but in 2005 I went down after going thru a rain storm. I have been very, well really overly cautious on wet roads ever since.

I had seen the ads in some of the cycle rags, for the Ride Like A Pro dvd’s, which I ordered. After watching them, I found out about their actual hands-on classes and finally after several years was in area close enough to attend the course.

After attending the Ride Like A Pro-NC class, my confidence level has shot thru the roof, especially since about 60% of the class took place in the rain.

Now, I truly know the limits of my bike in the turns and on wet and dry pavement and learned some advanced Motor Officer techniques that are not taught except in this course.

The class is outstanding and JD Redmon is a professional and a lot of fun. The RLAP teaching method, in what they teach and the way they take us from basics through to the advanced techniques are excellent. I highly recommend this course to ALL motorcycle drivers, no matter what you think your skill level is. It WILL improve your skills!

We had a blast at the end of the day, when JD challenged us to have a couple of us run through the figure 8 together. Even more fun when we went from 3 to 4 of our us riding together in a figure 8 with a 24’ circumference. When done, JD said, “Wow, 4 of you, I have not seen that before. I wonder if we can do 5”? And so JD led the four of us through the figure 8 and then all of the other exercises we had done that day, in a follow the leader ride. A couple of us agreed, if we had tried that before the class we would have had 4 bikes down in a pile. Want to see? Search Youtube for “ride like a pro nc”.

If you are thinking about this course, the answer is, “YES, take it”. If you think you can ride and don’t need it, the answer is still, “YES, take it”. You will learn techniques that you don’t know and they may save your life.

Craig Tuller, Fuquay Varina, NC

What more can I say than “WOW”? The “Ride Like a Pro” (NC) class was incredible!

I was amazed at how, in the course of 5 hours, you were able to take us from working our friction zones to riding “Figure 8’s” . If anyone had told me at the beginning of the course that I’d be driving in circles along with 4 other riders, I would have told them they were talkin’ to the wrong guy!!

Nevertheless, you patiently fostered us along through each of the exercises, slowly building up both our skills and our confidence to perform complex maneuvers. Doing single u-turns was hard enough, but moving successfully from doing those to the “Iron Cross,” the series of four u-turns combined with sharp corners in between, was a real ego booster!

I’m looking forward to putting the techniques I learned in the class to use in my everyday riding. I do have to say that, after multiple u-turns since the course, replacing my bad, old habits with good, new habits is a lot harder than doing exercises in a parking lot. The payoff for using these techniques is big, though, so I’m going to keep working them till they are second nature!

Thanks again for putting on the class. It was a great success!

Sincerely, Byl Walker-

Your class was awesome… a bargain for certain. Armed with the skills you have taught us we are already better riders and our level of confidence will continue to grow as we practice these much needed and necessary skills. Because of your sense of humor and dedication to your craft we were completely relaxed and open to pushing the limits on our preexisting abilities My days of dragging my feet and walking my bike are finally behind me. You rock JD! Stephanie, you’re an excellent photographer and you and JD are a perfect team.

Sherri and Gene, Sumter, SC ~ July 18th 2009 class

Joey (and Stefanie),

Just wanted to say “THANKS” for a excellent class yesterday. It was very educational, fun, and will make me a better/safer rider.

I was impressed with your demonstrations and explanations of the techniques and exercises, and you spent plenty of time on individual instruction. I never felt like you were hurrying through the exercises to get the class done. And I liked that we could practice other exercises rather than watch/wait while others did the group exercise.

You and Stefanie make a great team and I look forward to receiving the photos.

I’ll highly recommend the class to my buddies.

Carl Trieshmann,Duluth, GA-July 18th 2009 class


Thanks so much. I really enjoyed the class this weekend. It was worth every penny.

I attended the Riders Edge Experienced Riders class last fall and it does not even begin to compare to your class. The individual attention that you provide coupled with the time and ability to go back and practice the skills taught sets you apart. During the ERC I felt like we simply moved from drill to drill with no time to actually master the skills. I felt that you really cared about our improvement and safety. I will absolutely be back!

Marc Cloutier, Clayton, NC

I had a great time at the class. It was more mentally strenuous than physical for me, but I was tired at the end of it. The education is worth much more than the monetary cost. You, and Stephanie, definitely made it very enjoyable and friendly. I look forward to refresher classes in the future.

Thanks again, Collier Burns- Wadesboro, NC

Hey JD, Thought I would let you know that your August 9th class really changed my riding ability and confidence level. As a female rider I can’t rely on my strength to muscle through and have to make the bike work for me.

Your class really taught me how to trust my skills and my motorcycle. I know that as long as my feet can reach the ground, I can ride anything. In fact, I have upgraded from my Kawasaki Nomad to a Harley Ultra Classic. You should see the looks on people’s faces when I pull my helmet off and they see that an average sized woman can indeed ride an 850 lb motorcycle.

I have had complete strangers walk up to me and ask how I learned to ride such a big bike so well and I tell them about your course and encourage them to attend.

Thank you for all of your help and encouragement.

Terri Milburn Flowery Brance, Georgia


Thank you for a most enjoyable, challenging learning experience. I came away from the Ride Like a Pro course with a sense of accomplishment as I would not have challenged myself to obtain the riding skills that you so ably and patiently taught.

I plan to continue practicing these skills using the techniques I learned to build my confidence and increase my personal safety.

I highly recommend your course to experienced riders for a higher level of learning.

Paul Lieb Greensboro, NC

I just had the pleasure of successfully completing your November 1st class and what a blast! Even though I ride about 10-12,000 miles a year I found myself doing maneuvers I had never thought about or thought I was not capable of doing.

Your a great teacher with a calming influence with a “can-do” attitude with a little of the Drill Instructor “your goanna do it ‘til you get it right” encouragement.

Moving through each skill set building upon each other for the next level, I found myself relaxing and believing I could do what I thought I could not do previously.

I immediately (after a short nap, it is an intense learning experience) watched the “Ride Like A Pro” CD and to my amazement saw myself now as one of those top 2% of motorcycle riders. I feel a sense of pride in my accomplishment and abilities now.

I will highly recommend this course to my fellow bikers and any biker who reads this.

Thanks JD

Kent Riddle Greensboro, NC.

After registering for a Skilled Rider Course, and then having to miss the class due to a work conflict, I tried to find a class that fit my family and work schedules. As a rider interested in always improving my riding skills and increasing my safety out on the street I wanted to find another course, and soon. A friend suggested that in addition to the SRC listing I check out the Ride Like A Pro course taught in Greensboro, and the DVD put out by the same company.

Ride Like A Pro is a police motorcycle skills class taught to civilians. Students ride their own bikes, all the instructors are current or former motor officers, and they all ride Harleys. The skills they teach are the exact same thing that the motor officers learn and practice: lots and lots of low-speed tight-quarters maneuvers.

I went online and bought the DVD and a few inexpensive plastic cones (Wal-Mart), and started practicing the first three drills in a local parking lot. The DVD was excellent, and broke each skill down into small learnable chunks. After just an hour of practice my street corner turns were much improved, and I was comfortable with leaning my bike over farther than I’d ever done before.

The classes in Greensboro are taught by Joey Redmon, an active-duty police motor officer, and avid Harley rider in his off-duty time. I rode to Greensboro for one of Joey’s Saturday four-hour classes. I pulled into the parking lot where we were meeting, and saw several courses already coned. Joey made the student-riders feel very much at ease, and briefed us on how the day would run. Since I had been practicing on my own, and watching the DVD I felt confident that I would at least have the basics down, and wouldn’t do too badly.

One of the first exercises was the ‘slow cone weave’ where several cones are set out in a line with twelve feet of space between them. Joey stepped us through the simple techniques needed to master the slow cone weave. The objective was to ride in a weaving manner through the cones and to dip the bike from side-to-side. Joey reviewed with us tips on using the friction zone with the clutch, light pressure on the rear brake, a little bit of throttle, and correct placement of head and eyes. Sure – simple! On the first pass I managed to pretty much ride a straight line, and clip most every cone! My confidence from having practiced before class was shot! I talked to myself for a moment, and reminded myself that I need not be intimidated by riding in front of an accomplished motorman. I should seize this opportunity to have his skilled eyes evaluate me, and give me valuable feedback.

After a few passes through the cones I was doing fine, and my confidence was back up. Next we worked on riding circles. Joey taught us the skills needed to master riding laps inside a 24 foot diameter circle…and then tighter and tighter circles as our skills and confidence increased. He was a great coach always watching us, and giving prompt feedback and advice that was spot-on. Then we moved onto the offset cone weave, and the intersection course. A four-legged intersection was set up with cones, and the rider navigates through non-stop right turns and then immediately makes a U-turn followed by a right turn into the next leg of the intersection. This course requires that the rider make non-stop back-to-back left and right sharp 90 and 180-degree turns. Joey taught us how to master the timing, bike handling, and rider posture skills needed.

The figure-8 was next. Two simple 24-foot circles back-to-back were coned on the pavement. As I rode through these I felt much more confident than I had been just a few hours earlier. And then Joey hopped on his bike, and started to follow me through the course! “If I drop this bike he will crash into me,” instantly crossed my mind! Talk about pressure! But, Joey’s skill as an instructor paid off as I was so focused on him being on my tail that I forgot about ‘thinking my way through the course’, and rode based in instinct…and had a near-perfect ride. He forced me to shift my focus, and to trust in my skills.

Last came the higher-speed stopping drills, and the counter-steering drills. These were fun, and at the same time were scary as Joey stood in front of me trusting in my braking and handling skills.

By the end of the four-hour class I was exhausted physically and mentally. I am used to riding all day yet this class really wore me out. When I read the ad for the class several weeks ago I wondered just how much could be taught in four hours. I now realize that it will take me week or so to mentally sort through all the material Joey presented to us. This was one class where I really got my money’s worth!

In the end, I learned many new skills, and more important, was able to practice them under Joey’s watchful and skilled eyes. I have no doubt that the skills I learned in the Ride Like A Pro class will pay off every time I ride, and will provide me with an extra margin of safety. The most important lesson I learned today is that my bike and I can do a lot more than I ever imagined possible…if I just trust both of us.

If you want more info on the class here is Joey’s website – http://ridelikeapronc.com I highly recommend the DVD and the class to improve your safety and confidence. I do suggest practicing the drills from the DVD before going to class, and practicing with a friend so you can watch and then give feedback to each other.

Daren Marceau, Cary, North Carolina

I began riding in 1973. My only “lesson” was “this is the clutch, this is the shifter, this is the brake, and this is the front brake… never ever TOUCH this!” Which was the (then) common way to instruct a new rider. I got away from riding in the mid-80’s, and returned in 2002. Since then, I’ve owned 2 bikes, and have clocked well over 150,000 miles. I’ve taken the MSF-BRC, as well as the ERC. I’ve attended the BikeSafe-NC, and now the Ride Like a Pro class. I wish such courses were available, when I started back in the 70’s.But enough about me. I spent a lovely day in Greensboro NC ( a sentence I would never have typed before) with J.D. Redmon, and his wife Stephanie. Along with 2 other students, Mike and Larry, . Building the skills, and confidence needed, we started with the basics of the “friction zone” then rapidly moved from one exercise to the next, each building on the foundation of the previous. By the end of the class, we had 4 motorcycles going through the dreaded “BOX” yes… 4 bikes performing the figure eight, as well as the “intersection” “offset weave” and slow cone weave. There are two sorts of motorcyclists. One wishes to become better, and seeks out knowledge, and the other feels they’ve learned all they will ever need. As an avid student of motorcycling, I can readily attest to the value of the RLAP course. This course is physical as well as mental, be prepared as you’ll have the bike under control from full lock left, to full lock right. Your head will swivel from shoulder to shoulder, but you will learn skills, that just might save your life. This class is far beyond a novice rider, or an owner of a new bike. I’d recommend that you have a year or two riding before you take this class, and a few thousand miles on the bike, you ride to the class.

Frank Pennucci first officer Greater Raleigh Chapter #70

I (like many others) was a little concerned about taking this class Ride Like A Pro (got a nice ring to it, don’t you think). The questions ran through my mind is it worth the expense ,can I learn that much in 4or 5 hours, what will be the atmosphere, will I enjoy it , will the instructor be a likeable fellow, I already know how to pick my bike up—it’s not having to is what I wanted to learn! Well if you are having these thoughts and other along the same line then set your mind at ease. TAKE THE CLASS. These are my thoughts now that I have taken the class. I sure am glad I went, yes, I can ride a big bike, and you sure can get a lot of practice and enjoyment in 4 to 5 hours. I could tell that J.D. is enjoying what he is doing and he made the class very enjoyable. I watched as he supervised each individual and care was taken so all would learn the techniques all the while praising each for their accomplishments. My son and I went together and we both learned a lot and had a great time. I hold to a high Christian standard and I would like to say that I was thrilled not to here any foul language are inappropriate jokes. THANKS TO J.D. AND STEPHANIE FOR A JOB WELL DONE.

Pastor Mel Penland – Broadford ,Virginia

I was part of the Aug 23rd class. I will admit that I was nervous before taking the class. I ride a Gold Wing and sometimes the weight and size can be a little intimidating. I’ve been riding it for over a year and a half and really enjoy it. Then I found that there was a Ride Like a Pro class not to far from where I live. I knew I just had to take the class, so I registered and I am not sorry that I went. JD is a great instructor, he was patient and very thorough. By the time the class was over I felt a lot more comfortable on my Wing and learned a lot about handling the big bike safely. I feel a lot more confident on the bike and highly recommend this class. It should be mandatory for anyone who rides.

Thanks for the great class, I really enjoyed it and hope I can repeat it one day! Bill Leverette- Mauldin, SC

After many years of wishing to go to Florida and attend Jerry “Motorman” Palladino’s Ride Like A Pro Course it has come to North Carolina. The class instructor is Joey Redmon. Joey’s wife, Stephanie, was there handing out water and hospitality. Stephanie was also taking lots of pictures to record our adventure. Joey’s brother Keith was there aiding in every facet of the course. These are great folks and it was a pleasure to meet them and be under their instruction throughout the day. I attended this course in hopes of increasing my skills. It was astounding how I progressed through the day. I started out very apprehensive and tense thinking about what was to come. As the minutes progressed and with Joey’s tutelage the tenseness left and was replaced by confidence. It was amazing to see the skill level of every rider change exponentially in such a short time. This course exceeded my expectations in helping me raise my skill level, as well as being a great time. The cost of this course is some of the best money I have ever spent. I highly recommend it to any and all motorcyclists who aspire to improve their riding abilities.

David Yates-North Carolina

I arrived home yesterday afternoon hot, tired, sore, a little sunburned and with the biggest smile on my face.

I had been given my CBR1000F from a friend a year ago as my first street bike. Though I ride it every day I can rain or shine, I wasn’t horrible at it, but I wasn’t an expert by any means. I lacked the confidence to make tight low-speed maneuvers on such a top heavy bike which also has such a small lock-to-lock handlebar turning distance. J.D. assured me that the key to tight, low-speed turns on bikes like mine was the increased lean angle clearance of the bike and not limited by the handlebars.

I swallowed my fear of leaning at such a low speed and put my faith in what he said along with my tires, friction zone, rear brake, head and eyes. Immediately, my low-speed maneuvering improved and my fear of leaning the bike and dropping it vanished with each turn I made.

The encouragement and praise from the entire crew and fellow instructees helped to further increase my progress and proficiency throughout the entire training session. I benefited immediately from the skils learned and applied them on the return trip home as did my friends and travel companions Mike and Tim. So much so in fact, that I was practically begging them in my mind to forget the friction zone and rear brake techniques when we approached a stop light so that I could put my poor cramped legs down and give them a rest (dang old sport tourers!). Also, Mike and I joked about how we kept hearing these little voices in our head screaming “head and eyes” upon every turn in the road.

The time and money spent on the class, travel as well as the cramped legs, sore butt (again… dang sport tourers!) and sweat is, in my opinion, the best investment and value in training and fun I’ve experienced in quite some time. I now have the confidence to invest in a shinier and bigger bike as well as confidence in my own riding ability. My only complaints are in the comfort of my bike for the long journey and that I now have to purchase a bigger helmet to fit over my swollen head!

Thank you all, and I’ll see you again in 2010!

-Bryan, Central Virginia,

Saturday I rode to Greensboro, NC to take the Ride Like a Pro (http://ridelikeapronc.com/) training. It was a little warm, but not bad for July. The training lasted four hours, and I learned a lot. I had no idea just how far my bike could actually lean and how tight a turn I am capable of until this class. I have watched RLAP IV and RLAP V and tried to practice the exercises, but until you are actually doing the exercises under the supervision of a qualified trainer, you really don’t know what you’re doing wrong. Having J.D. Redmon and his brother Keith teaching us was a real blessing. I was very nervous about the circle exercise and kept looking in the wrong direction. J.D. knew what instruction I needed and corrected my problems in a short time. I took the class with two friends, and at one point J.D. had all three of us in the figure 8 at the same time. I would have never dreamed that we could do that. Probably my favorite exercise was the last, the brake and escape. I learned just how hard I could squeeze the front brake and how easy it is to stop fast and then head another direction quickly when you’ve had a little practice. 1. J.D., his wife, and Keith really do care about training people properly. They were always encouraging us to learn and progress through the exercises. J.D.’s wife (sorry, I forgot her name) was a one woman cheering squad. You could hear her across the parking lot over the bikes when you did something really well. 2. The class was definitely worth the money. My friends and I have already talked about taking it again in 2010. 3. You never sit still. It was nice that the exercises were spread out enough that once you got proficient at the newest exercise, you could go run the previous ones while waiting your turn to go again. 4. Having two instructors for six students was great. You had plenty of time for 1 on 1 instruction. 5. It’s grueling, but worth it. The class is the right length of time. Another hour or so would have been too much. I’m sore and tired, and if I had the money I would do take the class again this year.

Mistakes: 1. Not taking the class years ago. In my defense, advance riding classes are hard to find around here and I didn’t have the time to drive to FL to take the RLAP class there. 2. Throttle rocker. A great device for cruising, but it got in the way when the bike started to go down and I had to lift it back up. I was revving the engine too much after making a mistake and trying to upright the bike. (No, my bike never hit the ground; two others did but just had cosmetic damage.) 3. Not using my head and eyes enough. Thank you J.D. for getting the point across to me. Once it clicked, everything got easier.

Michael Lane-Fishersville VA

“I had been looking at the Ride Like a Pro DVD online and was planning on ordering it after I took the MSF Basic Course. One of the MSF instructors brought in an article from RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring and Travel Magazine (July/August 08 issue) and it mentioned that there was a Ride Like a Pro course in NC. I went to the website and signed up that same day! J.D. has been great to work with. He sent me a copy of Ride Like a Pro V and I watched it several times before attending the class. When I arrived in the class I was still pretty nervous about dropping my Ultra. After just a short time I became much more comfortable with the bike. I noticed a marked improvement in my riding both during the class and afterwards on the way home. I even had to deal with a non-functioning shifter on the way home and using head and eyes technique I was able to get navigate the curvy road without the benefit of downshifting and get to a safe place to pull off the road. I highly recommend the course for anyone who rides!! Big THANKS to the J.D. and his Team at Ride Like a Pro NC! Ride Safe” –

Steve “Hammerhead” Marshall, Reidsville NC

I was totally pleased with the class. For the time and money invested in the class, I cannot imagine a better deal. I would suggest this class to anyone that rides a motorcycle. I am more confident on my bike and I’ll have to say that taking the class has increased my enjoyment of motorcycling. I completely enjoyed the class and will probably take it again next year. I have already been in a couple of situations where the ‘head and eyes’ learned in the class have paid off.

Keith Macon Randleman, NC

I can’t begin to express how beneficial your class was for me. In four hours you taught me some of the most valuable riding techniques I have learned in 40 years of riding. I put them to work immediately on the ride home and can’t believe how much easier (and safer) my low speed maneuvering is, not to mention my boost in self confidence. What’s hard for me to believe is that I have gotten by all these years without knowing those “secrets”. That Gold Wing is still one heavy machine, but the slow stuff doesn’t intimidate me anymore.

Mike Harper-Stephens City, VA 22655

“ A must do course – for about the price of a good pair of highway pegs, you can increase your skills, build your confidence, and make your motorcycling experience even better than it already is. I saw solid improvement in my skills as the training lessons progressed, and will continue to build on my skills based on JD and Jerry’s instruction – they are a class act.”

- Mark Chamberlin – Newport News VA

Finished the class today and I am a much better rider as a result. JD is a real pro and his one on one instruction really helps you get a feel for the techniques. No one is rushed through and he is quick with encouragement. His back up team was great support as well. This is a must course for any rider!

Tom Willis, Pinehurst NC

I can’t say enough about the Ride Like a Pro experience. We had a great time and were able to do things with our HOGS that I never thought I’d be able to do. Thanks for the training, the experience and the great time. I look forward to honing my skills and practicing to get better with every ride. Your course made this all possible. We couldn’t have asked for a better group to ride with.

Anyone can ride in a straight line, hell I did for 40 years and thought I was pretty good at it. What an awakening, now I can do more than just ride down the road.

Thanks for everything,

Gale Ahern…. Maryland

I ditto Gale’s comments. Great course! When we started the course, I never thought I could accomplish what I did. Thanks for the great training!

Hal Orbits-Maryland

This was a perfect class and it’s located in a controlled environment which provides safety and comfort so I can concentrate on enhancing my skills.

Chris Orbits-Maryland

Right up till 0900 on Saturday morning I thought I could ride a motorcycle. I’ve been riding off and on for 30 years and felt like I handled a bike pretty well.

I had a wake up call in the form of “Ride Like a Pro NC”.

If you’ve been riding for a while you’ve probably heard of Jerry “Motorman” Palladino who produces the “Ride Like a Pro” DVD series. You can check him out at www.ridelikeapro.com. What you may not know is that the “Motorman” recently certified an ex motor officer, J.D. Redmon to teach his techniques in North Carolina. You can check him out at www.ridelikeapronc.com.

J.D. teaches in Greensboro and I had the privilege of being one of the students in his 1st class this past Saturday. It was a humbling experience which I highly recommend to anyone who rides.

If you’re not sure whether you would benefit from the class take this little test.

Find a parking lot with 2 empty parking spaces that are side by side. Pull in, do a U-turn and exit the parking spaces without stopping, backing up, or putting your foot down. It’s harder than you think.

The class is limited to just a few students so everyone gets plenty of ride time. In fact once you go through a drill a few times and J.D. feels like you have the fundamentals down you go on your own and do the drills the group has already been through.

I spent virtually the whole day in 1st gear with the clutch feathered. It was quite a workout.

But it paid off.

A few hours and many crushed traffic cones later I was 1 of 3 bikes doing figure 8’s at the same time, inside of 2 24’ circles.

I still need to practice a lot to make the techniques 2nd nature but now I have the base to work from to greatly improve my riding skills.

If you’ve ever considered taking an advanced riding course I highly recommend the one offered by J.D.

Ride Safe. Dennis Potts-Charlotte, NC